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What can you expect from your first appointment?

Do you want to make an appointment without a referral? Your therapist will first perform a so-called screening. This takes about 10 minutes. Your therapist will ask questions and performs a few tests to determine if therapy is meaningful. In most cases, an intake and examination will be carried out after screening.

In case you do have a referral, an intake and examination will also take place. Your therapist will go through additional information with you and performs some physical tests. Your therapist records all your information in a digital medical file. After this, the therapist will discuss the diagnosis with you and propose a treatment plan. Because we, certification authorities and insurers find careful research and diagnostics very important, the first appointment is largely aimed at this.

To ensure that your therapist can make the most out of his or her time for you we will send you an email after completing the registration form. In this e-mail we ask you to fill in a number of questionnaires. The therapist will go through these questions with you and complement them where necessary.

We often plan the first treatment following the screening, intake and the first examination. These are two separate appointments, which are also mentioned separately on declarations or invoices. If you want to know more about our rates then you can find them here .

We have noticed that there are often questions surrounding a chronic indication and the associated fees. The answers to our frequently asked questions can be found here . Do you have questions about your (supplementary) insurance or your deductibles? Please ask these to your insurer directly.

Snelle Aanmelding

Vul onderstaand formulier zo volledig mogelijk in om je aan te melden bij Fysiotherapie Gestel en wij zullen z.s.m. contact met je opnemen.