Expertpraktijk met 3 vestigingen in Eindhoven

At Fysiotherapie Gestel you won’t find a physiotherapist who works as a generalist. We have given all our therapists the opportunity to become an expert in their field of expertise.

So bye-bye to the therapist who “knows a little about your back or ankle”. Every single therapist at Fysiotherapie Gestel has his or her own area of expertise. For example on knee problems, sports injuries or rehabilitation, back problems, or COPD / lung problems. You can find an overview of our specialists and areas of expertise here.

The head office is in the characteristic building (which has recently been adapted to all new standards on design and appearance) at the Jan van Boendalelaan. A connecting street of the Hoogstraat and Gestelsestraat, which is very well known in Eindhoven. Because of its location, close to the center and with its own parking spaces and covered bicycle parking, the practice is easily accessible for Eindhoven residents and customers from outside of the region. Because of our expertise and the corresponding connections with healthcare specialists in various hospitals, rehabilitation centers and SMA’s (Sport Medical Advisory Centers), people from far outside the region know where to find us.

Due to the substantial growth that we’ve experienced in recent years (expansion to 7 locations), we have opted to split off four locations as of 1 January 2012. These locations, known Handencentrum-Fysiotherapie B.V. are independent For more information about physiotherapy within these centers, please refer to the website of Handencentrum EU.

Fysiotherapie Gestel consists of its head office at the Jan van Boendalelaan 1 and branch offices in the following health centers:

We invite you to get acquainted with our practice and our team members. This is possible via the site, but we’d love to see you as a client / patient in our practice.